New amendments to the law on foreigners in Poland

In Poland continue to improve the law on foreigners. Already for anybody not a secret that today Europe is experiencing an acute immigration crisis, which is equal to the last time I faced is that during World war II. Millions of illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, fleeing war and poverty, over and over again trying to sneak into prosperous EU countries.

Concerned about the growing number of irregular migrants in Europe and, as a consequence, a threat to the security of EU borders, the poles working hard on amendments to the legislation regulating the stay and employment of foreigners in Poland. This involved three ministries – the Ministry of development, Ministry of family, labour and social policy and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Poland.

The new legislation aims to protect the country from illegal immigrants, but this does not mean that foreigners are banned entry to the country. On the contrary, the government is working on ways to encourage them to work and live in Poland on absolutely legal grounds. It is due to Ukrainians and other migrants from the East, the poles plan to address acute demographic problem and the problem of constant shortage of workers in the labor market of Poland.

Innovations from the Polish government in its promise to be pleasant for Ukrainians. We are talking in particular about the results of long-term work visas. Possible length of stay in Poland on the basis of a work visa want to significantly increase. Another interesting point is to develop a kind of map of Poland that would provide information on which region and which sectors need workers. So every Ukrainian could choose a job depending on the profession and knew that in a particular city, he claimed.

Thinking the government is also not only about themselves immigrants from abroad, but also about their families. The possibility of a joint move permit in Poland, as well as the availability of education for children of foreign worker.

Promise to simplify the procedure for obtaining a permanent residence card for foreigners, and in the future and citizenship of Poland. The man who for a long time officially working in Poland, can become a citizen faster and easier than this legislative procedure requires currently. Regarding the demand for foreigners, the rate will be on qualified young workers (under 35 years).

However, to those migrants who want to apply for a long stay in Poland will also be a new requirement they will have to prove their knowledge of Polish language at least at B1 level (intermediate level). Such rules would exempt children of foreigners under 16 years and those who were born in Poland.

The Polish government also announced changes in the intra-corporate transfer of employees to work in Poland. If the company you work for sends you to Poland, occupying a leadership position, you will be able to get permission to stay in Poland for a period of 3 years. Ordinary workers will get permission for a year.

Permission to stay in Poland within the framework of intra-corporate transfer will give the Governor. To make a request can host a foreign worker, the authority/institution in Poland. On the basis of such permission, the foreigner will have the opportunity to work throughout the EU in the framework of the enterprise.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Poland, stressed that innovation is important and can substantially help the labour market in Poland, which now requires additional revenues of workers from abroad. The bill will be presented to public next week.

We remind that new rules of employment for foreigners which were to come into effect on 1 January 2017, are still being finalized, the first change I advise you to wait for April 2017, and the final reorganization of the system of employment of foreigners in Poland – from 1 January 2018.

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