In Poland canceled the introduction of the new rules of employment for foreigners

As it became known, from January 1, 2017, any changes in employment of foreigners (Ukrainians) in Poland will not be – such a formal decision of the Polish government. Explain to him that the amendments to the law on employment of foreigners in Poland is quite radical and challenging, therefore requires additional analysis and are still being finalized. The Ministry of family, labour and social policy of Poland, which, in fact, initiated the amendments, said that changes in employment of Ukrainians in Poland did not avoid, but to act they will not soon. In particular, changes relating to seasonal work in Poland, according to new data should be expected no earlier than April 1, 2017, and a substantial reorganization of the system for obtaining work permits in Poland – from 1 January 2018.

Planning to regulate the flow of labor migrants in Poland, as well as to strengthen control over the legality and transparency of the execution of the work in Poland by a foreigner, the Polish government decided to amend the law on employment of foreigners. Part of the changes approved in October 2016, but as of 1 January 2017, the procedure for obtaining a legal workplace in Poland for Ukrainians (foreigner) would have to be much more complicated and zatratnoe than it is at the moment.

Planned changes in the Polish legislation has sparked controversy not only among foreigners wishing to work in Poland and in the Polish employers – they are unhappy and believe that this new procedure of employment of foreigners unprofitable and difficult. The indignation of the employers – that is another factor that could affect the government’s decision to revise the amendments and suspend the new law.

So now the procedure of employment in Poland for Ukrainians remains the same – to get a work visa to go work in Poland, it is enough to have official invitation from Polish employer or from the magistrates.

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