In Poland are more in need of skilled workers from Ukraine

In view of the continuing shortage of workers in the labour market in Poland, 39% of firms planning to employ candidates from Ukraine. Increasingly, our compatriots in Poland occupy positions that require qualifications. This is evidenced by the results of the study “Barometer of the Labour Market VII”, which was performed in Poland at the end of January 2017 by order of the recruitment Agency Work Service.

At what positions in Poland requires workers from Ukraine

Despite the fact that in 2016 in Poland came to more than 1.3 million workers, 33% of Polish companies have problems finding employees. Already 4 of the 10 plants in Poland ready to take on the vacant posts of workers of Ukraine, according to a report published by a recruitment Agency Work Service, reports

From the results of the study emerges the fact that Ukrainians are most frequently in need of large enterprises, which employ more than 250 people. These companies have massive sets of staff. In this group almost every second firm (49.1 per cent) planning to take on the position of the lower-level workers from other countries, particularly from Ukraine. The apparent personnel shortage is also observed in the manufacturing industry, where about 56% of employers want to hire a foreigner.

Relative to employers from the sphere of trade and services, 38.9 percent and 33.8% respectively considering the possibility of recruiting workers from Ukraine.

A shortage of labor in Poland

According to the head of recruitment Agency Work Service Matsey Vitutskoho, this is the first time in Poland after changes in the free market so badly understaffed. According to him, already today it is possible to allocate whole sectors of the economy, where businesses would have considerable difficulties with the performance of work without bringing in workers from abroad. As evidenced by recent studies, including 39% of Polish companies are planning to recruit Ukrainians, as the poles themselves in the domestic market is not enough.

Moreover, workers from Ukraine become necessary in Poland not only for jobs involving physical labor, but also such which require a certain qualification. So, about 28% of ads on the search of foreign workers linked with the vacant places for the posts of middle management.

However, in the neighboring country there is an increasing need for skilled workers, in 2016, the number of persons who lost work in Poland as a result of group layoffs, increased by as much as 50%. This statistic seems even more paradoxical in the conditions of constant development of economy, because in Poland increased both minimum and average wages.

Also we will remind that soon the Polish employers expect a serious and thorough evaluation, announced by the State Labour Inspection of Poland.

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