Informatsiynno visa-Center "Nadiya" - 2005 proved as nadiynee staffing agency that works in the field of population employment abroad and in Ukraine. Our goal - to help people change their lives, to find a decent job.

We are dedicated and work on the result. After all, there is nothing better than to organize workflows and effectively employ and mutually compatriots abroad. Later, as a result of the work done, get appreciate feedback from employers and employees.

Our principle - is honesty. We always speak the truth about the wages and the working conditions. We do not promise their clients that work abroad brings mountains of gold, and we just give the opportunity to receive a decent salary for their work.

Our task - to find employee working abroad that will meet its requirements, and make the partition staying abroad as comfortable as possible. To this end, we prepare and complete set of documents and psychologically the employee to travel abroad.

Our services

Search job according to the requirements and qualifications client: choice of vacancies, a work invitation, getting a job, organization of travel to and from work; assistance in obtaining all the documents fill in the visa application assistance to apply for the visa center, clearance med.strahovka; advice on all stages of cooperation.
If you want to see the world and make money, please contact the Visa Information Center "Nadiya" - happy to help!


Outsourcing staff or temporary employment is a form of employment, which due to its flexibility in high demand by employers. Mostly, this form of employment is required for full activity of the enterprise in case of increasing the number of contracts where it is necessary to increase the number of employees.

Opening firms

Today more people are choosing complex solutions in search of new opportunities for their companies in the field of prospects for opening business lines abroad - including in Poland.

We offer services in opening and servicing business in Poland for companies with foreign capital in Russian, regardless of the location in Poland.
Our company "Nadiya" - is not only a tool for opening and registration of the company in Poland with a different legal status, but also great prospects for further development of business in this country, and therefore your better future. Whatever the reasons, goals, plans or benefits with which you come to us, we always offer you efficient and professional service.

Here you can get legal proposal or proposals on accounting services corresponding to your needs is to open a business in Poland and its subsequent maintenance. We are distinguished - the quality and availability of our services in law and accounting, as well as high skill level of our experts. Often, reporting and lack of knowledge of Polish law creates many problems for the people who drive business in Poland.

We are able to help you at any stage of starting a business in Poland and its driving:
- Business registration in Poland,
- Updates Business
- Advice on business taxation in Poland
- Providing virtual registered address for companies in Poland
- Accounting for the Polish law,
- Return of debts and many other activities.

Doing Business in Poland with our company become easier. We are different individual approach to each client. His financial and legal proposals on opening business in Poland, we send different profiles of organizations with different legal status. We invite you to cooperation.


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